Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Excessive Exercise can cause Sepsis

Generally it's believed that workout can produce positive effect on health. But, recent studies have shown that excessive strain by means of workout leads to disease known as Sepsis in which immune chemicals and bacterial toxins will enter the blood stream, and human immune system will become more sensitive against germs when it was affected by this disease.

In advanced stage of this complaint, blood clots and bleeding may also occur and result into lack of oxygen and micro-nutrients supply to important organs of body. The people those who suffer from chronic diseases and body weakness have more chances to get affected by this problem.

An American health organisation has recently conducted a program in which blood samples of marathon runners were taken for a test immediately after the completion of their run. The result shows that blood samples of most of the people are having markings of sepsis.

It has been also revealed that bacterial endotoxins released from the guts of excessively strained people have become main reason for Sepsis. It is said that in future the same health organisation will try to uncover possibilities of working out that won't cause any damage to the guts of strained people. 

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