Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A New AllopathicTreatment for Alcohol Addiction

From recent medical studies a researchers group from Texas University of America have found that an allopathic medicine used to lower blood pressure  can also help people those who get addicted to liquors.

Of course, many people those who are being addicted to liquors can not easily recover them self from that bad habit. Researchers say that main reason for getting addicted to alcohol is just due to the  record of details of liquors in the brain of drunkards.

Researchers of Texas University in America have found  that Isrodipine used in  treatment of high blood pressure can be also effective to treat persons who get addicted for liquors.

Isrodipine is an allopathic medicine that can help reducing blood pressure by removing calcium channels found in the blood vessels of heart. These medicine can also naturally remove  calcium channels in brain. Researchers say that isrodipine can also clear saved information about particular liquor inside the brain that eases treatment for liquor addiction.

But,only prblem with the administration of Isrodipine is the necessity of another medicine to increase blood pressure since isrodipine can reduce normal blood pressure.

Researchers have successfully completed an experiment with rats. First, they made some rats to get addicted to alcohols. Then, they gave isrodipine to addicted rats,  they found that rats treated with Isrodipine showed less interest on liquors. 

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