Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Does India Really Attracts Foreign Tourists?

Foreign Tourists in India
There is no denying that India is a beautiful country with unlimited number of tourist destinations. In fact every year tourism industry itself can offer a great foreign exchange to this country.

Most attractive seashores, historical temples and monuments and beautiful hill stations in India  attract every year lacs of tourists from different parts of the world. Though this country has been naturally blessed with numerous number of attractions, there is a big question to answer whether tourism department of India monetize its every source efficiently.

Last year it has been reported that more than 70 lacs of foreign tourists have visited India while nearby small country Thailand attracted about 3 crores of foreign travelers. What could be the reason for this great difference in the number of foreign visitors in these both countries?.

Foreign Tourists have lost interest on visiting India

Most of the travelers from other countries seem to have lack of interest on visiting India. There is an array of complaints from abroad tourists. Many foreign tourists coming here will be disappointed with poorly maintained historical monuments and temples, lack of basic facilities, lack of security for women tourists, poor sanitary and drinking water facilities even in popular tourist places. Moreover some foreign people are deceived by frauds since they have to pay more money in many circumstances than local people.

Central Government is coming up with a New Idea

In first week of June 2015, PM, Modi asked about experience gained by foreign tourists in India via Twitter. PM has received thousands of  complaints from foreign visitors. To boost up tourism in India central government has now planned to erect the new light houses along seashores of important cities in the country. It has been also proposed to form the resorts, water sports and entertainment parks around the light houses.

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