Friday, June 12, 2015

Leukemia affected Kerala girl was saved by Stem cells donated by a German

Leukemia Blood
It's just a medical miracle that the life of 19 years old Kerala girl who has been suffering from Leukemia was saved by a 55 years old German who donated stem cells to her. In fact leukemia is very dangerous disease as there is no means for recovery except replacing affected bone marrow cells by healthy ones.

That girl is really lucky. Because, doctors who attended this case could not find stem cells that matched with girl's cells. In deed doctors lost their hope to save the girl. At last with the help of a foreign agency they were able to find out a German whose stem cells matched with girl's cells.

Once they found the matching cells, doctors team contacted the agency in Germany for their support. The healthy bone marrow stem cells were harvested from the German and sent to Kerala by air. Now, after successful transplantation of stem cells, the girls is perfectly all right.

Head of the doctors team said that in India there is a lack of awareness for donating stem cells and also added that only 70,000 persons here have been registered as stem cell donators in this country. But, in US about 10 million people have registered their names to donate stem cells.  

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