Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Medicine for Diabetes to Manufacture in India

A new type of anti-diabetic medicine is going to be manufactured in India soon to control the level of blood sugar.  A popular Mumbai based pharma company is going to manufacture gliptin type of diabetic medicine called Teneligliptin.

It is said that in India there are more than 10 crores of diabetics and one third of those people are yet to diagnose it. These days a lot of money is required for diabetics in countries like India for consulting doctors and buying medicines to control the disease when they find no means to decrease blood sugar level in their blood.

It will be cheaper

This new type of gliptin will be really cheaper than other anti-diabetic medicines. Normally diabetics used to spend more than 45 rupees each day with previous type of gliptin group medicines. Now, it is believed that this new teneligliptin medicine will cost only 20 rupees a day so that diabetics can save more than 10,000 rupees every year.

At present time the raw material for the production of this medicine is being imported from foreign countries. If India can manufacture this medicine without dependence of other countries, there will be a chance for further reduction in the cost of medicine.

Doctors say that this is indeed a good news as diabetics as they can spend less money to control their blood sugar level with the arrival of Teneligliptin.

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